Search Tips

The WillysTech KnowledgeBase Provides two search methods, Natural Language (default) and Boolean.

Natural Language searching uses the entered keywords and determines the most relevant results based upon the content of the document and how many of the keywords listed appear in a specific message.  This search method usually produces the best results, as the boolean method could potentially exclude because of spelling errors or the lack of one or more keywords in a message.

Key Concepts:

1. Natural Language searches do not recognize words shorter than four characters.
2. The results are displayed in order by descending relevance. With this search type, you will almost always get a large number of results, however, the relevance may be low.
3. This search type works much faster than a Boolean search because it uses a fulltext index (much like the index at the back of a book).

Boolean searching returns only the messages that contain all of the entered keywords, they are sorted by ascending message number. Also, adding a minus "-" in front of a word indicates that the search should exclude any messages that contain this word.

Key Concepts:

1. Boolean searches will recognize words of any length.
2. The "-" operator is used to exclude messages that contain a specific word.
3. The results are displayed in ascending order by message number.
4. Ths search type works more slowly than the Natural Language search because it must scan the entire database.